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Created 5-Dec-13
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Alain Charest(non-registered)
I have look the pictures three times before I made some comments.
I like those last pictures.
I hope my comments are OK with you.
It is always a pleasure to see your new ones.
Alain Charest(non-registered)
Bonjour Kip,
You have used many camera in this serie. Probably those that are very soft were done with an old one that have poor lenses compare the today we are using.
I like the seri but you have many approach here.
here are my comments and opinion:
#1 - 4*
#2 - I would have use a stepladder, may be you clould have been able to enclosed more of the museum bethween the two roads. I like the idea..I see this angle for the first time.
#3 - 5*
#5 - I like a lot, some will not like the fact that the horizon is in the middle of the frame!!!
#6 - 5*, is this a real one or a sculpture?
#7 - it need a protfolio to be aprreciated other way alone it is a good shot.
#8 - I like, may be I would like a part of one object to be in focus!!!
#10 - 5* Like
#12 and #13 - 5*
#14 - 5 min. later the tree would have been in the sun with more impact in B&W.
#15 - 5*
#17 - I would like a person behind the counter.
#18 - I would have crop only the fence and the tower...5*
#19 - Too much wall for me but a very good idea.
#23 - I like this old french style...4*
#24 - !!!
#27 - I like
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