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Created 13-Aug-14
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Sunlit Flowers

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Guestbook for early morning market
Alain Charest(non-registered)
Bonjour Kip,

I take a long time to comment. I was asking my self what to think and how to see the gallery.

I will begin with those I prefer: 2, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 11.

I am reading a book published this year on the evolution of the works by Henri Cartier Bresson at the moment. It lighted my view.

I look at the picture like it was done in 1920-1930 ; because you have used this old camera with the option of the time ( B&W ). The pictures have this old feeeling by the style and the feeling. This gallery would be recognized as of that age easily if it would not be of the subjects ( details ) include in the pictures.

This is really a photographer approach of being there before the day begin and of the first workers opening there places.

Good work.
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